Getting ready...! Market Jalan Bulan Will Forcibly Evicted

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Traders demonstrated some time ago

Medan City Government no longer gives dispensation to traders in Pasar Jalan Bulan, Kelurahan Pusat Pasar, Medan Kota. The empty kiosk is known to be out of contract, will be a joint team Pemko Medan, today, Monday (24/7).

"We will no longer tolerate the emptying of kiosks in Pasar Bulan is urgent," Medan Deputy Mayor Akhyar Nasution told reporters on Sunday (23/7).

He explained, socialization and notification of the plan to empty kiosk Pasar Bulan Market has been done since last March. Therefore, according to Akhyar, Friday (21/7) yesterday it still gives leeway for merchants to pack-packed.

"We think that Monday is quite a long time to make the evacuation, and that time is limited, so that (curbing) is postponed first, this time it must be clean," he said.

According to his analysis, PDI-P politicians mentioned that during this time Road Market Bulan is often used as a place of 'hiding' street hawkers (PKL) in Sutomo and surrounding areas. "In addition, this effort aims to restore the function of the region there as a way," he concluded.

As is known, the plan to empty the street vendor of Pasar Bulan Street failed to be done on Thursday (20/7). The failure of this activity is recognized by the Regional Market Director of Medan City Rusdi Sinuraya, because the readiness of all related stakeholders is not yet mature.

"There are several SKPD (Local Government Work Unit) concerned such as Public Works Department and Police, which have not been coordinated, so we postpone until Monday (24/7) future," he said when confirmed.

According to him, ideally in order not only involves personnel Satpol PP and police. But the elements of the district and local village, and supported equipment from SKPD related.

"Because the building asset there (Jalan Bulan) does not have PD market, it needs the agency to curb it, in essence we need to coordinate again with related parties," explained Rusdi.

This controlling is done as part of the arrangement of Sutomo Road and its surroundings. In addition to restore its function as a way. In addition to this year, Pemko Medan began to repair infrastructure or access to Laucih.

PD Pasar itself no longer extend lease 368 kiosks that exist in the region. Socialization has also been intensively conducted PD Pasar since March 2017. According to Rusdi, of that number only 19 kiosks again whose contract expires next August. While the rest is long over and has not been extended.

"Especially for the kiosks that have exhausted the contract, for the diversion, we suggest the merchant to go to Laucih Parent Market, Sambu Market, Halat Market and other market officially managed PD Pasar," he said.(ist)
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