The Concrete Road Project Begins Again, Medan Amplas Loss

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Jalan Sisingamangaraja

The National Road Implementation Institute (BBPJN) II continues to work on the Rigid concrete of Jalan Sisingamangaraja, starting from the intersection of Jalan Tritura Medan to the city limits or before the direction to North Sumatra Police Headquarters.

The current density of the vehicle looks contagious, since the work was done a few days ago. Especially during rush hour, every morning and evening.

 Head of Medan Transportation Department Renward Parapat appealed to motorists to avoid the current road.

Drivers are asked to choose alternative paths to avoid being hit by traffic jams, especially from Tanjungmorawa direction should choose via the Amplas toll road or Tanjungmorawa toll road, in order to avoid congestion to enter the sandpaper.

"Likewise on the contrary, from Belawan direction to Sandpaper should be via the toll road north of Medan. If you still push yourself through there (around rigid workmanship, Red), people are still affected by traffic jams, "he said on Tuesday (11/7).

 Renward said he was with personnel Satlantas Polrestabes Medan always coordinate in the field to minimize the density of traffic flow at that point.

"We expect and advise motorists to pass through Jalan Letda Sudjono, because from noon until 22:00 pm, traffic flow around the work there is density," he added again.

For riders from outside the city of Medan, continued Renward, can also from Jalan Menteng as an alternative segment, then out of intersection Amplas to avoid congestion around Jalan Sisisngamangara Medan.

"Regarding traffic engineering, we are waiting for the police, because they are authorized in managing traffic," said Renward.

 Observers Journalists, density and traffic congestion in the vicinity of concrete rigid road work Sisingamangaraja Street looks contagious. Congestion is exacerbated due to the death of traffic lights, just at the intersection of Sandpaper.

Transportation and police officers are also not seen in the field to unravel the congestion. Plus the behavior of motorists who seem impatient, making the flow of traffic more difficult to decompose.

 It is known that the gawean concrete rigid project of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing is worth Rp109 billion. The work is targeted for completion in 2018. (Mdn)
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