Akhyar Instructs Camat of Garbage Problem

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#Kepling Do not Lots Hanging Out at the Lurah's Office


MEDAN - Performance of head of environment (kepling) as Medan City is in the spotlight of Mayor Dzulmi Eldin. Because all this time, kepling prefer 'hanging out' in the village office rather than pay attention to the region and its people. Especially about environmental cleanliness from garbage.

This is recognized by Deputy Mayor of Medan Akhyar Nasution when talking with North Sumatra Post, last weekend. "I have asked the guardian's permission, that all the keplings should be encouraged to be more concerned with the people and the environment, rather than sitting in the lurah's office, the guardian has agreed and all the sub-district officers have instructed me to remind all this keplingnya through Kabag Tapem," He said.

Akhyar revealed the basic thing that the camat needs to emphasize on the whole kepling, is the issue of environmental hygiene. Where kepling is obliged to be more concerned with providing garbage containers in every neighborhood, or even in front of residents' houses.

"The waste problem in Medan City is complicated, not to be added with the dirty environment, there should be a container that can be created by kepling to put the garbage, so it is not scattered," he said.

This temporary garbage container, according to him, is important to be hastened kepling before transported by janitor every day. "You can use a basket where the cabbage is used, or what it creates to prevent the garbage from scattering, because if the garbage is already scattered, besides causing bad odor can also enter the ditch, the ditch becomes clogged and causes puddles," he said.

According to PDIP politicians, actually the amount of garbage fleet owned by Pemko is sufficient, but critical. This requires coordination and synergy of the sub-district elements, before the Office of Hygiene and Gardening comes to transport waste to the entire environment. "The container I mentioned earlier does not cost a lot, but the camat can not afford it," he said.

The opportunity itself also asserted, will give time until early August. Even admitted, starting this week will more often monitor the entire area regarding environmental cleanliness. "If I see that there is no change, then I will take firm action on the spot." The decree will be removed, so it's not kidding, "said Akhyar.

Awareness of citizens is also needed to realize the environmental cleanliness of the waste. Akhyar acknowledged this littering of littering behavior is still attached to the mindset of citizens of Medan. "Yes, people are more willing to carry garbage up to 2 kilometers from their homes, and throw them in any place, they are better off than paying the Rp15,000 levy to the officers, this should be a common concern," he concluded.

Sekaitan this matter, Chairman of Commission A Medan Regional Parliament Sabam Syamsuria Sitepu support policy Pemko Medan. According to him, kepling as an extension of the hand of Pemko is fitting to help all the programs that have been declared, including the issue of waste.

"It is fitting for kepling to be more concerned with the people and the area because the Pemko Medan can not reach down to the bottom layer," he said.

This Golkar politician also said the problem is not less important ie drugs. Kepling is reminded more proactive of its territory, so that drug eradication can actually be realized. "Who knows and understands the area is kepling, so for the kepling who do not want to know with it, it is immediately removed, no need to keep people who can not afford to work," he said.(mdn)
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