Alleged Malpractice Baby 11 Months, North Sumatera Senator Visit RSUD Pirngadi

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 Following up on the report of the public, the Senator of Sumatera Utaradari PDI Perjuangan Faction Sutrisno Pangaribuan again moved quickly to get to the field.

This time, he visited Pirngadi Hospital located at Jalan HM Yamin, No.47, Medan, on Thursday (20/7/2017).

The goal, to follow up the problem related to alleged malpractice cases that occurred in an 11 month old baby named Ardi Kristopan.

Information received, originally Ardi baby parents want to cure skin diseases suffered his son, due to itching because of the use of baby diapers.

According to the mother of Demiria's baby, his son had even suspected a malpractice case that left his left eye blind and his left leg rotting.

Hearing that, Sutrisno was accompanying Demiria and other families to come to the Pirngadi Hospital to question this issue.

Arriving in Pirngadi, Sutrisno and entourage only encountered by Public Relations RSUD Pirngadi Medan Edison Perangin wind. Sutrisno asks Edison to call into the Pirngadi Director.

"It's been up to phone first, the head of RSUD, because if the brother who answered must be normative, or it is not mandatory at all times here," Sutrisno said.

After repeatedly Edison tried to call the Head of Medical Service RSUD Pirngadi Risma Sinaga, finally Sutrisno and entourage was received in the conference room RSUD.

During the discussion, Mrs. Ardi, Demiria admitted to be upset over her child's condition, which caused her son's legs to rot and her left eye blind.

Furthermore, Head of Medical Services RSUD Pirngadi Risma Sinaga said when entering the ER on (14/6/2017) ago, Ardi state decreased and there was fever.

"During the treatment in ICU and consultant with child nutrition, Ardi has severe infectious and malnutrition, usually from malnutrition it causes, so easy to get any infection," said Risma.

Risma also argued that, the wound in the legs and time comes blistered body. So according to him, during this Ardi has skin disease.

"Actually it's a result of malnutrition, so the skin can be peeled plus the lab results are very low protein so easy to happen such conditions," he said.

Hearing these reasons, Sutrisno argued differently. According to Sutrisno, from the photographs shown to him, the boy is healthy and his cheeks are stubborn.

"There is a suspicion that the damage to the eye is not due to illness, but at the moment due to the taking of some eye droppings. The mother saw directly the action was seen rough, "said Sutrisno.

"So I suspect at the time of taking the droppings, there was friction between the gauze and the eyeballs. If Ardi's current position is not aware, so do not scream, "he continued.

Ardi's baby mother, Demiria insists that she only wants her child to recover as before. Because now his son has been disabled since come here.

"I just want to heal the legs and eyes of my child as before, that's all I ask," he said.

Furthermore, Sutrisno added, this meeting is part of the process to open everything so that the problem is clear.

"This is the goal for the sake of openness, that what is experienced by this mother's child, is it appropriate SOP, is there any suspicion of malpractice? There will be an internal audit process to ensure the process they handle, "said Sutrisno.

Responding to the arrival of the family of the alleged victim of malpractice,
Parties RSUD Pirngadi try to take quick steps to face this issue.

Met separately, Head of Public Relations Piringadi Medan Edison Warin wind said it agreed to be treated first.

"Later we will follow up to the Polyclinic. If it is possible like the request was treated, yes we ask later, because it is autonomous doctors, "said Edison.

Related to the alleged malpractice, Edison said that it is only perception. Malpractice that, he said according to the decision of the Court.

"If you suspect that it's okay, there's nothing wrong with people who suspect.According to audit, the possibility of Monday can only be done, the longest week has been there," he concluded. (Sandy)
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