Car Entrepreneur Boutique Shot at Home Rental

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Residents who live on Jalan Sei Batang Quiz, Environment IX, Babura Village, District of Medan Baru suddenly excited.
The reason, on Thursday (27/7/2017) morning, residents were surprised by the sound of gunfire fired by two unidentified people who ride a motorcycle to one of the boarding house there.
According to information on the ground, this terror incident occurred at 06.00 am in the morning when residents were preparing to do the activity.
Allegedly, the acts of terror aimed at a boutique entrepreneur named Desi Rezeki (40), who is one of the three-storey boarding house residents at the scene.
One of the residents, Doli Iskandar at the scene admitted, he could not be sure whether the terror is aimed at the boardinger or not.
"I can not be sure, but the first car that was shot belonged to a boutique businessman who lives in this boardinghouse," he said.
It is said Doli, originally the two actors who wear helmets and jackets is coming from the crossroads of Jalan Sei Batang Quiz.
Arriving in front of the boarding house, he continued, the perpetrator fired on a silver CRV car with license plate of Desi's 1929 IR ID parked in the boarding house.
"After the bullet penetrated the door Desi car, the perpetrator again fired a firearm," he explained.
According to the observation, seen Toyota Avanza plate B 1204 SOV owned by Matajohan Manalu (68) parked beside Desi car also damaged by hit.
The right side glass part is destroyed. Then, the two cars were taken by officers to the New Medan Police Station.
After the police officers conducted a temporary crime scene, the officers found two bullet projectiles. However, we can not confirm what kind of weapon.
After performing the act of terror, the two actors fled towards Sei Selapian Street. Not yet known exactly what the motive of perpetrators of this terror acts.
Kapolsek Medan Baru, Kompol Hendra Eko Triyulianto admitted still deepens this case.
"We still can not confirm whether this terror is directed to Desi or not," he said.(sandy)
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