Farmers Will Attack Deliserdang District government

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Land Dispute in PTPN II Bulucina

Hundreds of people who are members of the Mandiri Perak Farmer Group who want to control the land of PTPN II Kebun Bulucina, Kec. Hamparanperak, Kab. Deliserdang, got an ambush from Belawan Port Police on Saturday (22/7).

 Unable to control 275 hectares, 36 hectares, hundreds of farmers will question the recommendation letter from Deliserdang by visiting the Deliserdang regency office.

 "We just want to take back our land, this land is the land of our parents earlier, we have a letter from the administration of plantations in 1951," said Chairman of the Mandiri Perak Farmer M. Idris to the police.

 Hearing that, the police led by Head of Ops Resort Police Belawan Port, Kompol Erinal still refuse farmers to occupy the land that he considered belonged to PTPN II. "We will not give the brothers into the field," Erinal said accompanied Chief Police Officer Of Hamparanperak, Kompol Mustafa Nasution.

 Under the security of hundreds of police personnel, farmers who want to enter the land site face each other with security guards. Apparently, from the point of view of the plantation, a number of PTPN II security officers equipped with wood weapons keep guard in the plantation area.

 Not given entry to the land, Idris asked the police to give them a speech on the land that will be taken within 2 km.

 "We want to give a speech on the land, we want to express our aspirations so we ask the police to give us time to deliver our speeches," Idris told the police.

 Firmly, one jasmine officer still refuses and asks the peasants to retreat and not do the undesirable.

 "You have no permission to do oration, so complete the administration first, whatever the story we can not allow, if you have a letter, then we invite," said Erinal to the farmers community.

 Hearing that, Idris invites the entire farming community to undo the intention of controlling the land and conducting speeches. "Well, to my friends, let's go back to compose the strength, we go back calmly and do not let anyone ride," Idris said as he left the scene.

 On the occasion, Idris said, their efforts to control land in Pasar 10,11,12 and 13 in Bulucina Village, Kec. Hamparanperak, Kab. Deliserdang is their land which has been seized PTPN II.

"We want to return our land, we have a letter of plantation administration, we have built an office and have planted bananas, but still destroyed by PTPN," said Idris.

 Formerly, Idris said, the land was seized by PTPN II since 1966, the parents who controlled the land accused of PKI. Until now, this land they continue to master.

 "Everything on the ground like houses, schools and crops has been destroyed by PTPN, we have sent it to the government, but there is no realization, what the people do not get the right legally," Idris affirmed.

 Idris explained, his side had previously made several meetings with Parliament Deliserdang to discuss the issue of land PTPN II Kebun Bulucina.

 On December 4, 2015, a hearing meeting (RDP) was held at the Deliserdang parliament office through commission A. The results of the RDP were reviewed by the DPRD, Deliserdang, BPN and PTPN.

 "After a review of the spaciousness, a letter from the DPRD to Muspika Hamparan Perak was fully supported the return of community-controlled land, including administration, but in fact we can not take back our deprived land," Idris said.

 After conducting correspondence and coordination, Parliament Deliserdang through Commission A issued by the chairman of Parliament Deliserdang issued a recommendation that the regent to support the proposed land can be returned to the community, BPN Deliserdang ransom BPN Sumut can review about HGU no 103. 20 June 2003 managed by PTPN II.

 Because it is against the legislation and the presence of other parties who control the land. In order for the director of PTPN II not to do activities on the land.

 "The letter from the local parliament is clear, it means that PTPN does not appreciate the letter from the DPRD, the evidence is that they keep doing the activity and control the land on the land which is our land," Idris said before the farmers community.

 His side, Idris said, will continue to take back the land by making legal efforts and write back the Regent Deliserdang, BPN, PTPN and coordinated to the Parliament Deliserdang.

 "If the people still can not control their rights in accordance with the applicable law, then we will be busy to conduct a massive demonstration to the office of Regent Delisedang," said Idris. (Mu-1)
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