Head of the Indonesian National Army: For Pancasila Whatever Will Do

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The Head of Indonesian National Army General Gatot Nurmantyo

 The Head of Indonesian National Army General Gatot Nurmantyo asserted that, for any Pancasila will be done, only for Pancasila. This gives an example to Taruna and Taruni to do anything only for Pancasila without thinking about what the state provides.

It is said Commander of the TNI General Gatot Nurmantyo after accompanying DR. (H.C) Hj. Megawati Soekarno Putri in providing debriefing to 437 TNI Military Officers Candidate, held at Hall Gatot Subroto Headquarter TNI Cilangkap, East Jakarta, Friday (21/07/2017).

The 437 people of the Military Capacity Officers (Capaja) of the TNI consist of 224 persons (208 Taruna and 16 Taruni), Taruna AAL 94 people (84 Taruna and 10 Taruni), AAU Taruna 117 people (105 Taruna and 12 Taruni) and Taruna National Defense Academy (NDA).

"Pancasila as the foundation of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia has been widely accepted and has been final. If there are certain groups who want to change Pancasila as State Ideology with other ideology or ideology outside Pancasila, do not follow and do not be trusted, "asserted Commander of TNI.

TNI Commander-in-Chief TNI Gatot Nurmantyo said that DR. (H.C) Hj. Megawati Soekarno Putri (President of the 5th RI) is willing to serve as Chairman of the Steering Committee of Presidential Work Unit of Pancasila Ideology Development, because as a mandate of Bung Karno for the Ideology of Pancasila remain eternal and eternal. "Bung Karno said that the foundation of the philosophy of the 1945 Constitution, on the five foundations of Pancasila that is established the eternal state of Indonesia," he said.

"He also conveyed the most important point that the TNI should be with the people because the TNI power is the people, because only the unity of the TNI with the people will make the TNI strong," said General Gatot Nurmantyo.

In addition, TNI Commander-in-Chief Gatot Nurmantyo also said that Mrs. Megawati when he served as the 5th President of Indonesia issued a policy of rescuing Nipah Island threatened to disappear from sea level due to sand dredging in the Malacca Strait. If left unchecked could result in the loss of Nipah Island that will affect the sea border of Indonesia. "To save the island of Nipah, he ordered pengurukan, so that Nipah Island is Indonesia's outermost island in the Malacca Strait," he concluded.(puspen)
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