The Head of the Health Office of Asahan advises no more deprivation

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There are still many people who are deprived of family members who have mental disorders. Though inserting people with mental illness is the same as taking the right of life.

People with Psychiatric Problems (ODMK) have a right to live and they should be cared for properly and properly, whether they are family, community or government.

The life rights of this madman are in the laws of mental health, in which patients with abandoned mental disorders should receive care and treatment at a nursing home.

Head of District Health Office Asahan Aris Yudhariansyah when questioned, Friday (21/7/2017) said, it is expected to the community layer not to repress to ODMK.

Patients with mental disorders should not be subject to the statue, because the problem of pasung and neglect has actually been regulated in the old since. "Law number 23 of 1966 on mental health states that patients with abandoned mental disorders get treatment and treatment at a place of care," he explained.

But in reality, there are still many People With Psychological Problems (ODMK) that are locked up, even with very extreme conditions, such as in wood fixation and in chains. "In the medical field there is no term pemasungan.Pemasungan it is the public perception on OMDK so as not to disturb others," he explained.

Nevertheless, Aris said that his party keeps socializing to the society so that they do not do the deprivation of ODMK, from the data obtained, the number of ODMK which is inserted in Asahan regency as many as 27 patients. Most of the ODMKs in the Kecamatan Air Joman and Tanjung Pinai (rial)
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