Two People were Killed by National Narcotics Agency of Indonesia

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eight suspects were arrested

Two people were killed, eight suspects were arrested, and 44 packs of narcotics type weighing + 45.59 kg were seized by the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) and Customs Office of the Malaysian-Indonesia international drug syndicate network on Saturday (15/7). The mode used this time is by hiding narcotics in tea packets and sent by ship through the sea from Malaysia to Indonesia. The success of the disclosure of this case is also thanks to the cooperation with BNN North Sumatra Province, and North Sumatra Police.

The eight allegedly secured suspects in this case are SS alias Adul (male / WNI / 52th / courier), ES aka Ucok (male / WNI / 51th / courier), HA (male / WNI / 34th / courier), SH aka Kapos Alias ​​Heri alias Pak Lek (male / WNI / 42th / police control officer field), RS alias Robi (male / WNI / 43th / checker), AR alias Ayar (male / WNI / 42th / carrier of Malaysia), UT alias Gani (Men / WNI / 47th / courier), and SB alias Din (male / WNI / 37th / carrier of Malaysia). Two suspects were killed after being crippled by officers for fighting during the arrests of BJ (male / WNI / 40th / bandar) and MS alias Panjul alias Boy (male / WNI / 44th / carrier of Malaysia).

Chronological Genesis

Based on the results of information from the public that suspected drug transactions occurred in the area of ​​Pantai Cermin, Perbaungan. The mode used is ship to ship in waters of Batubara, North Sumatra sent from Malaysia. Officers then conducted an investigation and managed to secure 10 people with evidence of shabu in the parking area of ​​gas stations Pasar Bengkel, Perbaungan Village, Serdang Berdagai District, North Sumatra.

The raid began by securing 3 suspects SS alias Adul, ES aka Ucok, and HA who was in a car carrying 44 packs of narcotics with a gross weight of + 45.59 kg. Then the officer did the development and secured 7 other suspects namely SH alias Kapos aka Heri alias Pak Lek, BJ, RS alias Robi, AR alias Ayar, UT alias Gani, MS, and SB alias Din in a coffee shop on Jalan Simpang Tiga Pantai Cermin , Perbaungan, Serdang Berdagai. It was during this arrest that BJ and MS were killed by the officers for fighting and trying to escape.

From the crime scene, the officers confiscated several identity cards of the suspects, 4 units of two-wheeled vehicles, 3 units of four-wheeled vehicles, a revolver-type weapon with a bullet box known to belong to a police officer, aka Kapos aka Heri Aka Pak Lek who is a member of the Satpol. The water of the Serdang Bedagai Police.

With the proclamation of a number of evidence of sabu tersbut then as many as 227,950 inhabitants have been saved from the danger of drugs. In this case the suspects are threatened with Article 114 paragraph (2) junto article 132 paragraph (1), Article 113 paragraph (2) junto 132 paragraph (1), Article 112 paragraph (2) junto article 132 paragraph (1) . 35 of 2009 on narcotics with maximum penalty of death penalty.(bnn)
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