Warehousing of Used Goods Burned

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A warehouse sale or a botot burned out on Captain Sumarsono Street, Helvetia Village, Kec. Labuhan Deli, Thursday (27/7) at 15:40 pm.

There were no casualties from the fire accident, however, the owner of the botot warehouse, Boy (40) suffered losses amounting to tens of millions of rupiah.

Information obtained mentions, before the fire, the atmosphere in the warehouse sales of goods used as usual. Unexpectedly, a fire suddenly emerged from one of the power lines.

As a result of the short circuit, a red sijago grabbed the entire combustible piece of goods. The fire made a number of people in the storeroom.

Fire increasingly rife, people around the scene. The fire that continues to bloom can not be extinguished with water improvise. Soon, firefighters arrived at the scene.

A total of 6 more units of fire fleets arrived at the site to extinguish. The atmosphere at the scene becomes totally stuck, with tempo more than half an hour fire can be tamed.
"The fire came out of the power lines, there was a shortage of immune that snatched into the combustible stuff, so the fire continued to bloom and burned all parts of the warehouse," said local residents.

Medan Lab Medan Police officer who received the information down to the location, traffic flow that had jammed arranged by police officers. A number of witnesses were examined and evidence was secured by the police.

Separately, Head of Labuhandeli, Safee Sihombing said that in the fire accident, there were no casualties, the information they received from the fire was short-circuit.

"The fire has been extinguished, there are no casualties, but all the goods in the warehouse are burning, we can not assess the damage yet, which is obviously just a burning bundle storey," Safee said. (Mu-1)
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