Parking Manager Must Compensate Lost Vehicle

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Parking Manager Must Compensate Lost Vehicle

The parking manager in Medan City was asked to be responsible for the loss of vehicles in the official parking lot. The community as the aggrieved party, can make a lawsuit if the parking manager does not want to replace the loss.

 "The Supreme Court's verdict regarding the loss of vehicles must be replaced by parking managers, has become jurisprudence and should be followed by parking managers everywhere," said Medan Legal Aid Institute (LBH) Surya Adinata, Monday (31/7).

 Surya explained, the emergence of this MA verdict because there is a complaint from the public against the parking manager who is not responsible for the loss of vehicles in the parking lot they manage. "Actually this verdict since 2010. So when people who feel the loss of a vehicle, can use this decision to report the company or the parking manager," he said.

 It hopes this passage, no longer stubborn parking businessmen / managers, or irresponsible reasoning. "Whatever the story, when they have cited the retribution, there arise rights and obligations there, and they must take responsibility for the lost vehicle," he said.

 The presence of this Supreme Court decision, according to him, certainly makes a comfortable impression for the community. Because all this time, in the event of loss of vehicles in the official parking lot, the manager argued that it was not their responsibility.

"But not the parking lot on the side of the road, but the managers of the official parking location because of the location like plaza, mall, hotel and restaurant, our vehicle is not that easy to go in and out, unbeknownst to the parking manager," he said.

 Head of the Regional Tax and Retribution Agency (BP2RD) Medan Zulkarnain said it is ready to carry out socialization efforts to all authorized parking businessers under the auspices of BP2RD. "If there has been an official notice from the government, it will be socialized," he said.

 He previously said the ruling applies to all parties. That is, all parking managers must comply with applicable laws and regulations. "Whatever it is we must all submit and apply the existing positive law.More importantly, we should be able to implement a standard of parking services that are safe and comfortable for the community," he said.

Head of Law Secretariat Medan Sulaiman Harahap claimed not to know about the decision of the Supreme Court. However, according to him, the decision can be a reference for related stakeholders to be implemented and implemented in the field. "I have not received a copy, so I can not comment further, but this decision is valid throughout Indonesia, and especially in Medan," he said. (Mdn)
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